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MUD transcript:  10-03-00

Web Authoring; Projects

Course room(s): PPS 

16:05:42  ClareS connects.

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16:05:45  ClareS says "Hi"
16:05:58  RamananS says "hello"
16:06:03  ClareS says "sorry about the last time... Netscape crashed :("
16:06:18  ClareS says "are you happy to start now?"
16:06:29  KevinO says "yes"
16:06:36  AttilaR says "Yes."
16:07:09  RamananS says "of course,yes"
16:07:14  ClareS says "OK..."
16:07:37  ClareS says "there are three possibilities for this session (or of course we could discuss more than one of these topics)"
16:07:44  KevinO says "Clare, you were going to talk about the projects?"
16:07:51  ClareS says "we could talk about the web authoring material"
16:08:02  ClareS says "or (as Kevin says) the projects"
16:08:32  ClareS says "or you may even have some questions on bioinformatics, since the last BioMOO was cancelled due to the network"
16:09:13  ClareS says "does anyone want to start with a question on any of these subjects, and we'll take it from there?"
16:10:02  KevinO says "I have no questions, but I would like to hear about the projects"
16:10:27  RamananS says "Bio informatics- How much of the excellent but lengthy course should we know by heart....."
16:11:44  RamananS says "......Do we have to know about all those database search engines and thats all or do we have tpo know aboutmthr.."
16:12:24  AttilaR says "I think, the material on bioinformatics, the most important thing is practice, and to learn, in which problam which database to contact, the important ones."
16:12:41  ClareS says "OK, I'll answer Ramanan's question first and then go on to discuss the projects"
16:13:24  ClareS says (to AttilaR) "that is correct!  You don't need so much to know it all as to know where to look"
16:13:33  VijayK connects.
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16:14:05  RamananS says "...about the technical ()biochemical lab"
16:14:09  ClareS says "you need to know what type of database or program it would be best to use for a particular problem"
16:14:26  VijayK says "Hello!"
16:15:05  ClareS says "but as the main focus of this course is on protein structure, you will only need to know the basics of bioinfo"
16:15:05  AttilaR says (to VijayK) "Hello!"
16:16:09  AttilaR says (to ClareS) "Shall we learn something about protein folding?"
16:16:17  ClareS says (to VijayK) "Hello!"
16:16:42  ClareS says (to AttilaR) "yes, but not a great deal. The next section is on molecular forces"
16:16:53  ClareS says "(that will be out on Monday)"
16:17:15  VijayK says "I am looking forward to learning something about protein folding"
16:17:33  RamananS says "thank you .my question seems to have been answered and the coursr is getting to be interesting too"
16:17:34  ClareS says "is this all clear? If so I'll go on to talk about the projects and you can bring up any more scientific questions at the end"
16:17:47  VijayK says "Well it looks like it is not possible now"
16:18:15  ClareS says (to VijayK) "go on... if you have a question I'll try to answer it now"
16:18:36  VijayK says "Section 6 was very interesting"
16:19:47  VijayK says "What is the expnsion for HETATM?"
16:19:47  ClareS says (to VijayK) "thanks, I'm glad you found it so... go on??"
16:20:27  VijayK says "I am referring to the Full Entry 2OVO"
16:20:27  ClareS says (to VijayK) "it's Heteroatom: any atom that is *not* in an amino acid is called a heteroatom"
16:20:47  ClareS says "they are found in most PDB files"
16:20:50  VijayK says "What is its realtion to HOH?"
16:21:29  ClareS says "HETATM is used to refer to water molecules (HOH), atoms in ligands and occasionally in non-standard amino acids"
16:22:14  ClareS says "each water atom is just represented by a single het atom: the oxygen"
16:22:38  ClareS says "it's not possible to resolve the positions of hydrogen atoms in water molecules around proteins"
16:22:42  VijayK says "well what is a nonstandard amino acid?"
16:23:00  ClareS says "any amino acid but the basic 20"
16:23:50  ClareS says "occasionally proteins are modified, either naturally or to make them easier to crystallise"
16:24:13  VijayK says "Reagrding CONNECT - do we have to look at a GIF to find the postions?"
16:24:54  ClareS says "you don't need to use these records, most programs don't need them now"
16:24:57  CharafB connects.
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16:25:43  AttilaR says "What are the ways, the proteins can be made easier to crystallize?"
16:26:01  CharafB says "hello everyone, sorry for being late"
16:27:24  ClareS says (to CharafB) "welcome!"
16:27:41  ClareS says (to AttilaR) "that's really outside the scope of this course"
16:27:55  AttilaR says "But how do we know, the waters during crystallization are in the same position as in a simple water solution?"
16:28:35  VijayK says "About the section Movies of Protein Motions - I tried to view TATA-box, the image stays only for a second"
16:28:35  ClareS says "I'd recommend you to take one of our other Advanced Certificates, Protein Crystallography to find out more about this"
16:29:33  ClareS says (to AttilaR) "I'm not exactly sure what you mean -- you can see electron density for the oxygens of water molecules close to proteins"
16:30:43  ClareS says (to VijayK) "it's quite often difficult to view movies -- different platforms handle the file formats very slightly differently"
16:31:17  ClareS says "that's one reason why these movies are not used more often (another is file size)"
16:33:11  ClareS says "if there are no more burning questions I'd like to move on to the projects to give us plenty of time to discuss them"
16:33:29  ClareS looks round expectantly
16:34:02  VijayK says "Are we discussing the projects now?"
16:34:23  CharafB says "good idea!"
16:34:40  ClareS says "unless anyone is unclear about any of the previous answers"
16:34:58  AttilaR says "Yes, it is."
16:35:12  VijayK says "I am clear"
16:35:27  ClareS says "OK"
16:35:47  AttilaR says "We can talk the projects, I am clear."
16:36:02  ClareS says "well... we will post a list of projects on the web site in (about) early June"
16:36:24  ClareS says "you will be expected to select one of the fairly broad subject areas we suggest"
16:36:42  RamananS says "{"
16:36:52  RamananS says "since"
16:37:04  ClareS says "you write your project in HTML and submit it for late in October"
16:37:24  ClareS is not sure if this year's project submission date has been finally set yet
16:37:55  ClareS says "you will be given fairly detailed instructions for how and where to submit the projects"
16:38:28  ClareS says "when we post the project titles we will also tell you how they will be marked and give you pointers to some previous projects"
16:38:50  CharafB says "the timetable says 27/10/00 for submission of projects"
16:39:12  ClareS says "each of the projects linked from the PPS web site has reached at least a high enough standard to pass"
16:39:27  PaulW connects.
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16:39:27  ClareS says (to CharafB) "thanks!"
16:39:44  ClareS says (to PaulW) "welcome!"
16:40:49  ClareS says (to PaulW) "we're discussing the projects..."
16:40:52  AttilaR says (to ClareS) "Are we going to have another self-assessment period or an exam till then?"
16:41:08  ClareS says (to PaulW) "I've just run through the basic project procedure and time scale"
16:41:37  ClareS says (to AttilaR) "there will be another self assessment period after section 8 - it coincides with the easter holiday ;)"
16:42:18  ClareS says "so you can amuse yourself with answering questions about protein structure while eating chocolate eggs"
16:42:37  AttilaR says (to ClareS) "Thank You!"
16:43:15  VijayK says "Good idea"
16:43:32  RamananS says " OR"
16:44:02  RamananS says " I AM SORRY I CANNOT STOP SAYIN'Or' all the time....."
16:44:28  RamananS says "Will there be abny projects on databases...."
16:44:30  VijayK says "Or"
16:44:54  AttilaR says (to ClareS) "And what are the main topics of projects, just a few example to have an idea a bout it"
16:45:22  RamananS says "i mean constructing your own bioinformatic tool or something cool like that...."
16:45:35  ClareS says "you should know the date of the exam already"
16:45:56  ClareS says (to RamananS) "there should be a few projects on databases: mainly structural ones"
16:46:38  KevinO says (to ClareS) "where is the date of the exam specified?"
16:46:57  RamananS says "what exam?"
16:47:01  ClareS says (to RamananS) "there is (I suppose) nothing to stop you writing a bioinfo tool provided that it is accessible via a web browser and doesn't need any extra software to run"
16:47:30  KevinO says (to ClareS) "- I thought we needed to make arrangements locally about it (exam)?"
16:47:39  ClareS says "also we can't give you any extra credit for this -- we are testing your knowledge of protein structure not your programming ability"
16:48:27  ClareS says (to KevinO) "Annie will be contacting you all later in the year to find out whether you want to take the exam & help you make arrangements"
16:48:40  PaulW says " i have to go .sorry the visit was so short"
16:49:03  VijayK says "Bye Paul"
16:49:22  PaulW disconnects.
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16:49:53  ClareS says "Paul can catch up by reading the transcript later"
16:51:07  CharafB says "Are we going to have some supervision for the project or do you think the course material will be sufficient?"
16:52:29  ClareS says "you will not hava any formal supervision for the project"
17:00:44  ClareS says "there should be enough project titles to satisfy all interests (related to protein structure, that is)"
17:00:56  ClareS will be finishing soon and going for tea
17:01:16  RamananS says "thank you fpr yopur patience."
17:01:23  KevinO would prefer lunch
17:01:29  VijayK says "its good to know in advance so we will be prepared according to individual intersts"
17:01:39  ClareS says "All I am saying is that, we don't aim to teach people to program on this course, so we can't give people extra credit for being able to!"
17:01:42  AttilaR says "I have to go now, see You soon, in the next MUD-session."
17:02:15  ClareS says "if you do write a really good program (which would be difficult given the time allowed)..."
17:02:44  ClareS says "...my advice would be to recommend you to write it up for publication elsewhere"
17:02:49  VijayK says "Thank Clare. Loking forward for the next section on Monday"
17:02:53  ClareS says "like in the journal Bioinformatics"
17:03:31  VijayK says "Bye everybody"
17:03:31  ClareS says "however, even a bioinformatics project should be structure-based"
17:03:56  AttilaR says "Good bye!"
17:04:20  RamananS says "I fully understand the str. of prteins being the core."
17:04:59  KevinO 's hunger gets the better of him
17:05:48  VijayK disconnects.