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MUD transcript:  14-04-00

Protein Secondary Structure

Course room(s): PPS 

21:59:46  ClareS connects.

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21:59:52  ClareS says "Hi"
22:00:24  ClareS says "here at last... the tutorial this afternoon never happened as people forgot the timezone change"
22:01:01  ClareS says "I hope that there will be a few more of us here this evening: I suggest we wait around for a few minutes as it's only *just* 11"
22:01:14  SarahL says "Hi clare  Iwas beginning to think that I had the time wrong!"
22:02:52  ClareS says "no you didn't -- but a lot of people have been making that mistake"
22:03:16  ClareS says "the MUD runs on GMT so it's a lot easier  in the winter"
22:03:41  ClareS says "Sorry I couldn't give you any more notice for these sessions"
22:05:37  SarahL says "are you working away from college at the moment"
22:06:22  ClareS says "I am travelling so much this month that I'm not in Birkbeck at all and this is the only working day I'm at home"
22:08:49  SarahL says "sorry for the delay my computer is on a go slow _just for a change"
22:09:27  VijayK connects.
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22:10:50  VijayK says "Hello"
22:10:54  ClareS says (to VijayK) "Hi"
22:11:13  ClareS says "I think it might be good to start now... some people may well arrive later"
22:11:33  VijayK says "Trying to get my act together. had a busy day"
22:11:39  ClareS says "I was apologising to Sarah for having given people such little notice -- I'm away for most of this month"
22:11:46  KevinO connects.
SarahL       PPS          HTTP    26m 42s   2m 57s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP     12m 0s       7s
VijayK       PPS          HTTP     2m 19s      13s
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22:11:48  ClareS understands only too well
22:12:07  KevinO says "hi all"
22:12:11  ClareS says "How have you found section 8?  Was secondary structure easier the second time round?"
22:12:18  ClareS says (to KevinO) "Hi"
22:12:43  ClareS says "we have only just started properly"
22:13:05  ClareS says (to SarahL) "did you try to zoom in? Or did that fail to work properly too?"
22:13:23  VijayK says "Section 8 makes thigs a bot more lucid. I did not complete the reading"
22:13:59  ClareS says "well you have a long Easter break ahead of you -- with just the next assessment to worry about ;)"
22:14:15  ClareS says "(that should be released on Monday)"
22:14:18  VijayK says "I surely forgot all about zooming in. Will try"
22:15:30  ClareS says "It *should* have appeared on your screen first at a readable size..."
22:15:54  SarahL says "i TRIED ZOOm but that only made them smaller!"
22:15:55  ClareS says "...but at least if you zoom in you will be able to see what the problem is (and hopefully see the helices too)"
22:16:19  ClareS says (to SarahL) "you should be able to zoom in both directions"
22:16:59  VijayK says "A very basic thing - Is the term globular proteins refer to naturally occuring proteins as opposed to other protiens (what are the others?)"
22:17:34  ClareS says "just in case you can't remember, zoom is shift down, left mouse button down, move the mouse up & down (not left to right)"
22:17:50  ClareS has just checked
22:18:24  ClareS says (to VijayK) "globular proteins refers to proteins that are neither fibrous (e.g. collagen) or membrane bound (e.g. rhodopsin)"
22:19:01  SarahL says "how do you do that then?I enter zoom and a number at the rasmol command line"
22:19:18  VijayK says "Does that mean all other proteins exist in a globular form?"
22:19:35  ClareS says "you don't need to bother to use the command line"
22:20:38  ClareS says (to VijayK) "globular proteins are water soluble (ie. soluble in cytoplasm or the extracellular medium or whatever)"
22:21:23  SarahL says "I'll have a go at that then."
22:21:27  ClareS has never tried zoom on the comand line before but agrees with Sarah that it's not very useful
22:21:44  VijayK says "Thank you"
22:23:06  MichaelS connects.
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     38m 2s   1m 43s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP    23m 20s   1m 39s
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KevinO       PPS          HTTP    11m 20s  10m 59s
MichaelS     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
22:23:35  ClareS says (to MichaelS) "Hi"
22:24:17  ClareS says "we have been discussing rasmol and the definition of globular proteins"
22:24:33  MichaelS says (to ClareS) "Hello, sorry I'm late, farewell at the local..."
22:25:02  ClareS understands...
22:25:23  ClareS says (to MichaelS) "how have you found section 8?"
22:26:14  VijayK says "About Prediction of Secondary structure - wil l it be a useful topic for individual projects?"
22:26:26  MichaelS says "It has been a good section very full of detail, but pulling different strands together."
22:26:56  ClareS says "I can't say yet -- but there's usually a topic on this kind of theme"
22:27:13  ClareS says (to MichaelS) "did you find it easier second time round?"
22:29:10  ClareS says "most people usually find this section a relief after the mathematics of section 7"
22:29:27  KevinO says "why does the small hole in the pi helix cause a problem"
22:29:49  MichaelS says "I must confess that my time has been so full that I didn't get all of the way through. My previous experience has been in the sections that i didn't reach - NMR etc."
22:30:17  ClareS says (to KevinO) "I'd like to look that up in the course material -- can you post the URL, please?"
22:30:48  ClareS says (to MichaelS) "and we don't give you very long...because it's largely a revision section"
22:31:03  KevinO says "http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/ppscore/section8/ss_9607f.htm"
22:31:08  ClareS says "quite a lot of the material was covered earlier, apart from things like secondary structure prediction"
22:31:15  ClareS says (to KevinO) "thanks"
22:32:01  VijayK says "The figures are very useful to understand the topic all over"
22:32:24  SarahL says "I also have not completed this section, But am finding it interesting and hope that I can remember the information"
22:32:31  ClareS says "I see now... this rare type of helix has a very large radius"
22:33:04  ClareS says "the standard alpha helix has a narrow radius and the interior of the helix is filled with side chains"
22:33:26  ClareS says "those side chains are in van der waals contact with each other, which is energetically favourable"
22:33:53  ClareS says "the pi helix has a hole down the centre which is too large to be filled with side chains"
22:34:11  ClareS says "thus leaving a space which is too small for any molecules, even water molecules"
22:34:32  ClareS says "a larger cavity could be filled with water molecules, which would also be energetically favourable"
22:34:38  KevinO says (to ClareS) "what is the relevance of the statement that solvent molecules can't fit?"
22:34:41  ClareS says "does that make sense?"
22:35:20  ClareS says "you are left with a hole which is too small for anything to fill -- this is energetically unfavourable"
22:36:00  KevinO says (to ClareS) "yes, except my intuition doesn't tell me that the empty hole is energetically unfavorable"
22:36:35  ClareS says "nature abhors a vacuum..."
22:36:44  KevinO says (to ClareS) "... unfavourable, been here too long!"
22:36:46  MichaelS says "Does that mean there is nothing in the central cavity? Or does something very small get in during formation of the helix?"
22:37:08  ClareS says "there is nothing in the centre -- it is too small for any molecule to fit in"
22:37:34  ClareS says "but nevertheless the interior side chains are too far apart to make contact"
22:37:47  ClareS says (to KevinO) "I had no idea you were an expat Brit ;)"
22:37:59  SarahL says "If you look at figure 2 :/pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/ppscore/section8/ss_96074.htm  you can see the hole down the middle I hadn't noticed that before!"
22:38:24  KevinO says (to ClareS) "yes, Queen Mary College"
22:39:42  ClareS says "that url is unclickable as there are three /s for some reason"
22:40:25  VijayK says "Do I understand thata helix must prferably have no hole at all or if it does it should be able to fit in solvent molecules?"
22:42:03  ClareS says (to VijayK) "exactly! Tho' although there are protein structures that have pores for solvent, they are not strictly speaking helices"
22:42:36  VijayK says "So is Pi helix unstable?"
22:43:31  ClareS says "it is not absolutely unstable but it is energetically unfavourable enough to be extremely rare"
22:43:33  SarahL says "http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk./ppscore/section8/ss_96074.htm"
22:44:07  KevinO says "so, all cavities in globular proteins should be large enough to fill with water molecules"
22:44:31  MichaelS says "Have any other roles for pi-helices been proposed, such as seeding sites for alpha-helices etc?"
22:45:52  ClareS says (to KevinO) "that's right"
22:46:53  VijayK says "Where does a pi helix exist, in what conditions?"
22:47:57  ClareS says "if the other interactions around that part of the protein are such that the pi helix is stabilised"
22:48:59  VijayK says "Stabilised by van der vaals forces etc.?"
22:49:33  KevinO says "so, allthough the pi-helix is not in its lowest energy state, the surrounding are is?"
22:49:42  ClareS says "yes, or by electrostatic interactions, hydrogen bonds etc"
22:49:48  ClareS says (to KevinO) "exactly!"
22:50:01  KevinO says "I mean area"
22:50:46  ClareS says (to KevinO) "area??"
22:51:34  KevinO says (to ClareS) "... surrounding area ... is in its lowest energy configuration"
22:52:32  ClareS says (to KevinO) "yes... of course... I somehow guessed you meant that and forgot you hadn't said it exactly"
22:52:41  VijayK says "correction?"
22:52:45  ClareS says "(it's getting late, here at least)"
22:53:34  KevinO says (to ClareS) "yes, almost dinner time!"
22:54:18  VijayK says "Bed time here. Happy Easter"
22:54:19  ClareS had hers hours ago
22:54:46  SarahL says "where are you kevin"
22:55:10  KevinO says "Westchester county, just North of New York City"
22:55:13  ClareS says "that sounds like a good idea -- but does anyone have a final question before we close the tutorial?"
22:57:08  KevinO says "Not I, goodnight!"
22:57:25  VijayK says "The section is short theory wise and revision. Feel wiser now."
22:57:42  ClareS says "excellent!"
22:58:00  MichaelS says "That's all for me."
22:58:26  VijayK says "Thank you Clare and everybody"
22:59:20  ClareS says "Happy Easter -- and don't forget the next set of self-assessment exercises"
22:59:32  ClareS says "they should be appearing on the website on Monday"
22:59:50  SarahL says "thanks everyone have a good Easter"
22:59:52  KevinO says "Happy Easter all, bye"
23:00:09  SarahL says "thanks everyone have a good Easter"
23:00:28  MichaelS says "G'night all."
23:02:43  MichaelS disconnects.