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MUD transcript:  23-11-99

Introduction to the MUD

Course room(s): PPS  Chat room(s): COMMON

Please note that the session was run in the Common Room. For various reasons not everyone was at all times present in the Common Room, so that 'live' certain parts contained in this transcript would not have been seen. Each statement is preceded by the room where it was made.

15:10:17  RobertO says (to ijt) "hello"
15:12:24  JohnP connects.

Wizard       Void         Telnet   1h 52m   1h 52m
IJT          Common       HTTP     1h 52m   1h 48m
RobertO      Common       HTTP     4m 18s    2m 7s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:12:28  RobertO says (to ijt) "hello Ian, I cant stay today since I am on my way to work in 5 minutes, hope the session goes well and will catch you thursday."
15:14:03  ClareS connects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet   1h 53m   1h 53m
IJT          Common       HTTP     1h 54m   1h 49m
RobertO      PPS          HTTP     5m 57s       8s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP     1m 39s      26s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:16:15  ClareS says "Hi"
15:16:37  IJT says (to clare) "hello"
15:16:38  ClareS says "I've asked the PPS students to join me here"
15:16:58  ClareS says "back very soon with a real life cup of coffee ;)"
15:17:24  RobertO says (to clare) "I cant stay today . I need to leave for work but wanted to see if this works"
15:17:35  IJT makes coffee
15:18:09  RobertO says "bye all"
15:18:40  SarahL connects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet   1h 58m   1h 58m
IJT          Common       HTTP     1h 58m      22s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    10m 34s      31s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     6m 16s       9s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     4m 37s   1m 42s
HPCD         PX           HTTP      3m 4s       1s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:19:30  JeremyC says "hello"
15:19:34  JohnP says "hello"..Sarah"
15:20:02  JohnP says "blimey, this is a nightmare"
15:20:12  RobertO disconnects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet   1h 59m   1h 59m
IJT          Common       HTTP      2h 0m   1m 25s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     7m 48s      10s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      6m 9s   3m 14s
HPCD         PX           HTTP     4m 36s       5s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     1m 32s      44s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     1m 24s      42s
15:20:55  JeremyC says "where has Huub vanished too - I thought he was here"
15:21:08  JeremyC says "Oh - I see he is back again"
15:21:10  ClareS is back
15:21:17  HPCD says "to the Common Room"
15:22:20  BartoszB connects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet       4s       4s
IJT          Common       HTTP      2h 2m   3m 33s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP      2m 2s      50s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     9m 56s   2m 18s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     8m 17s       3s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     6m 44s      11s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     3m 40s   1m 25s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     3m 32s       4s
WilliamE     Common       HTTP      1m 6s      52s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:23:05  ClareS says "I intend just to welcome everyone to the MUD and to go through some basic commands"
15:23:19  ClareS says "we're not going to do any science today..."
15:23:36  JohnP says "hooray"
15:23:58  KevinO connects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet   1m 42s   1m 35s
IJT          Common       HTTP      2h 3m      27s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP     3m 40s   1m 27s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    11m 34s      22s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     9m 55s       5s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     8m 22s      15s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     5m 18s      36s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     5m 10s    1m 0s
WilliamE     PX           HTTP     2m 44s      22s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP     1m 38s      55s
LouiseB      PX           HTTP        27s      27s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:24:34  SpyrosS connects.
Wizard       Void         Telnet       3s       3s
IJT          PX           HTTP        24s      24s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP     4m 16s    2m 3s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    12m 10s      58s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    10m 31s      41s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     8m 58s       3s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     5m 54s   1m 12s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     5m 46s       5s
WilliamE     PX           HTTP     3m 20s      58s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP     2m 14s   1m 31s
LouiseB      PX           HTTP      1m 3s    1m 3s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP        36s      36s
SpyrosS      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:25:11  CharafB connects.
IJT          PX           HTTP      1m 1s    1m 1s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP     4m 53s   2m 40s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    12m 47s   1m 35s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP     11m 8s       3s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     9m 35s       1s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     6m 31s   1m 49s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     6m 23s      19s
WilliamE     PX           HTTP     3m 57s   1m 35s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP     2m 51s    2m 8s
LouiseB      PX           HTTP     1m 40s   1m 40s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP     1m 13s   1m 13s
SpyrosS      PPS          HTTP        37s      21s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
15:26:59  JohnP says "Clare, what are we doing today"
15:28:09  ClareS says (to johnp) "getting to know each other and learning to use the MUD ;)"
15:28:46  SpyrosS says "Hello everybody"
15:29:14  PaulH says "Hi"
15:29:20  ClareS says (to spyross) "Hello"
15:29:30  HPCD Hello
15:29:31  JohnP says "hi there Spyros"
15:29:42  CharafB says "Hi Spyros, are you doing the PPS course too?"
15:29:52  ClareS says "it would be useful for you to look at the MUD crib sheet"
15:30:09  ClareS says "it's at http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/tech/moo/mud-qr.htm"
15:30:29  PaulH says "am I in the right place for the PX MUD session"
16:05:31  JohnP disconnects.
ClareS       Common       HTTP    51m 28s  35m 22s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    49m 55s   35m 0s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP    46m 51s  36m 19s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    46m 43s  40m 39s
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    44m 17s  37m 40s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    43m 11s  38m 49s
IJT          Common       HTTP    38m 37s  35m 35s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    41m 33s  37m 29s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    40m 57s  36m 45s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  ClareS disconnects.
HPCD         Common       HTTP    49m 55s   35m 0s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP    46m 51s  36m 19s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    46m 43s  40m 39s
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    44m 17s  37m 40s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    43m 11s  38m 49s
IJT          Common       HTTP    38m 37s  35m 35s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    41m 33s  37m 29s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    40m 57s  36m 45s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  SarahL disconnects.
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    46m 43s  40m 39s
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    44m 17s  37m 40s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    43m 11s  38m 49s
IJT          Common       HTTP    38m 37s  35m 35s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    41m 33s  37m 29s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    40m 57s  36m 45s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  BartoszB disconnects.
IJT          Common       HTTP    38m 37s  35m 35s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    41m 33s  37m 29s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    40m 57s  36m 45s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  KevinO disconnects.
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    40m 57s  36m 45s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  SpyrosS disconnects.
CharafB      Common       HTTP    40m 20s  35m 49s
16:05:31  CharafB disconnects.
All users have logged out.
16:05:31  JohnP connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         0s       0s
IJT          PX           HTTP         0s       0s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:33  SarahL connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         2s       2s
IJT          PX           HTTP         2s       2s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         1s       1s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:33  CharafB connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         2s       2s
IJT          PX           HTTP         2s       2s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         1s       1s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:34  ClareS connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         3s       3s
IJT          PX           HTTP         3s       3s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         3s       3s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         2s       2s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:34  BartoszB connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         3s       3s
IJT          PX           HTTP         3s       3s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         3s       3s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         2s       2s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:35  SpyrosS connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         4s       4s
IJT          PX           HTTP         4s       4s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         4s       4s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         3s       3s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
SpyrosS      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:05:35  KevinO connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP         4s       4s
IJT          PX           HTTP         4s       4s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP         4s       4s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP         3s       3s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP         2s       2s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         1s       1s
SpyrosS      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
PaulH        PX           HTTP         0s       0s
HPCD         PX           HTTP         0s       0s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:06:18  IJT says "Sorry just noticed our clock was 1/2 hour slow, now corrected."
16:07:14  AttilaR connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP     1m 43s   1m 43s
IJT          PPS          HTTP     1m 43s      31s
JohnP        PPS          HTTP     1m 43s    1m 7s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP     1m 42s      38s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP     1m 41s   1m 41s
CharafB      PPS          HTTP     1m 41s   1m 41s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP     1m 40s      17s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP     1m 40s      44s
SpyrosS      PPS          HTTP     1m 39s   1m 39s
PaulH        PX           HTTP     1m 39s      13s
HPCD         PX           HTTP     1m 39s      59s
KevinO       Common       HTTP     1m 39s      17s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     1m 31s       4s
AttilaR      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:07:29  JeremyC says "where has everyone gone too?"
16:12:34  ClareS says "I know it takes a little while to get used to this new way of communicating"
16:13:35  PaulH says (to clares) "i agree, i seem to be able to move rooms without knowing it at times"
16:14:05  WilliamE says (to PaulH) "That happened to me too!"
16:14:32  BartoszB says (to ClareS) "Could you give me a piece of advice - is it better to use http or telnet"
16:14:56  SarahL says "Am I in the common Room with everyone else"
16:14:57  ClareS says (to bartozsb) "they both have advantages"
16:14:59  IJT says "Sorry everyone got disconnected a while back because the put our clock right."
16:15:08  PaulH says (to williamE) "are you using http"
16:15:17  BartoszB says (to GrzegorzF) "Are you from Poland ?"
16:15:26  IJT says "When you get disconnected you automatically get sent to your course room."
16:15:43  JohnP says "I think accessing via the WWW is better, I find Telnet very restrictive"
16:15:51  WilliamE says (to PaulH) "yes I am"
16:16:02  PaulH says "good, i thought i had got the commands wrong"
16:16:09  ClareS says "I think it's usually better to use http but telnet can be useful if you have a slow line"
16:16:12  HPCD says (to PaulH) "We are investigating why you could not log in"
16:16:34  ClareS says "if you set the refresh rate too fast http can be tiring to read"
16:16:50  PaulH says (to HPCD) "i was using access via my work server, could that be a problem?"
16:17:17  ClareS says "you seem to have got the hang of talking very well indeed ;)"
16:17:28  WilliamE says (to ClareS) " can you tell me how to set the refresh rate?"
16:17:39  BartoszB says (to grzegorzf) "Are you from Poland ?"
16:17:45  ClareS says (to paulh) "do you work in industry?"
16:17:57  HPCD says (to PaulH) "No, it is more likely that there is a server problem, although we did noit notice anything here"
16:18:18  ClareS says (to williame) "type @refresh and a number (in seconds.. the default is 5)"
16:18:55  WilliamE says (to ClareS) "great"
16:19:05  ClareS says "there are other ways of communicating that might interest you"
16:19:25  BartoszB says (to grzegorzf) "I am a student of the pharmacy from Poznan"
16:19:45  AliceB connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    14m 14s      50s
IJT          Common       HTTP    14m 14s      20s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    14m 14s   1m 49s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    14m 13s   1m 25s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    14m 12s      47s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    14m 12s   6m 21s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    14m 11s      40s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    14m 11s      20s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    14m 10s   6m 49s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    14m 10s   1m 30s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    14m 10s   1m 48s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    14m 10s   2m 19s
MartinV      Common       HTTP     4m 39s   2m 27s
AttilaR      PPS          HTTP    12m 31s   3m 42s
JKC          Common       HTTP     8m 48s   4m 12s
AliceB       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:19:50  ClareS says "to address one person in particular use two dots before the person's name and then your comment"
16:20:36  ClareS says "so I would say e.g. ..IJT Good afternoon"
16:21:28  ClareS says "you can also use the whisper or page commands to talk to someone privately"
16:21:30  GrzegorzF says (to Bartosz) "I study chemistry I took the PPS Course last year, it was great"
16:21:40  HPCD says (to ClareS) "why don't you introduce us?"
16:21:45  JKC says (to MartinV) "Hi"
16:21:49  ClareS says "the difference is that with whisper, that person has to be in the same room as you"
16:22:39  ClareS says (to hpcd) "very remiss of me not to do so so far ;)"
16:23:08  ClareS says "Huub has just reminded me that I should have introduced the staff here..."
16:23:34  BartoszB says (to grzegorzf) "Have you taken PX course this year?"
16:24:32  ClareS says (to aliceb) "welcome!"
16:25:18  ClareS says "HPCD is Huub Driessen who runs the PX course"
16:25:49  ClareS says "those of you who are doing PX will get to know him very well over the next few months"
16:26:22  ClareS says "JKC is Jeremy Cockcroft who is in charge of Powder Diffraction..."
16:27:02  ClareS says "IJT, Ian Tickle, is the MUD administrator or "wizard""
16:27:35  ClareS says "he is the one you should contact if the machine goes down in the middle of a tutorial ;)"
16:28:28  ClareS says "and I'm Clare Sansom (ClareS or CES) - I teach on, and develop material for,] the PPS course"
16:28:28  JKC says (to .ClareS) "tricky to contact Ian if the server goes down ;-)"
16:28:38  ClareS grins
16:28:49  IJT says "Yes my e-mail address is on the "Read me first" page accessible from the MUD home page http://mud.cryst.bbk.ac.uk:6006/"
16:29:07  ClareS says "(that, by the way, was an "emote": more later ;)"
16:29:29  IJT says "The mail server is on a different machine from the MUD server, so hopefully at least one should be up."
16:29:34  ClareS says "Huub? Jeremy? Ian? do you want to add anything?"
16:29:55  ClareS says (to louiseb) "welcome!"
16:30:14  JKC says "I can't think of anything I need to say right now"
16:30:21  HPCD says "ClareS is the one whom you will meet a lot when you are doing the PPS"
16:31:16  ClareS says "different courses work in different ways - we in PPS will probably have more MUD tutorials than the others"
16:31:29  HPCD says "and David Moss the course organiser of PPS"
16:31:40  PaulH says (to clares) "are we just supposed to be getting to know the system at the moment?"
16:31:58  ClareS says "we also usually have some tutorials late at night which is more convenient for some US students"
16:31:59  DavidM connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    26m 28s  11m 29s
IJT          Common       HTTP    26m 28s      11s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    26m 28s   14m 3s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    26m 27s   6m 32s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    26m 26s   13m 1s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    26m 26s   7m 52s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    26m 25s       1s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    26m 25s   2m 25s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    26m 24s   19m 3s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    26m 24s      19s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    26m 24s      30s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    26m 24s   3m 25s
MartinV      PD           HTTP      7m 2s   3m 36s
AttilaR      PPS          HTTP    24m 45s      17s
JKC          Common       HTTP     21m 2s       6s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    12m 14s   2m 22s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP     2m 49s   2m 28s
DavidM       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
16:32:31  ClareS says (to paulh) "yes - and each other ;)"
16:33:15  ClareS says (to davidm) "Welcome!"
16:33:38  DavidM says "Hello Ian"
16:33:45  ClareS says (to Davidm) "Welcome!"
16:34:12  HPCD says "to find out who is in the system at the moment type who"
16:35:11  ClareS says "davidm is David Moss - PPS course organiser"
16:35:28  PaulH says (to hpcd) "i was planning to use front page express for course work, is this okay or is there a better option"
16:35:29  WilliamE says (to LouiseB) " Hi Louise ;)"
16:35:33  ClareS says (to Davidm,) "would you like to say a few words to the students?"
16:35:33  DavidM says "Hello, everbody"
16:36:00  AttilaR disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    30m 29s      31s
IJT          Common       HTTP    30m 29s      41s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    30m 29s   18m 4s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    30m 28s  10m 33s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    30m 27s   1m 13s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    30m 27s   1m 25s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    30m 26s      27s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    30m 26s   3m 24s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    30m 25s   1m 29s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    30m 25s      32s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    30m 25s   1m 48s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    30m 25s   1m 20s
MartinV      PD           HTTP     11m 3s   7m 37s
JKC          Common       HTTP     25m 3s      42s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    16m 15s   1m 30s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP     6m 50s   6m 29s
DavidM       Common       HTTP      4m 1s      27s
16:36:19  DavidM says "I would like to welcome all the PPS students. I hope you will find the course fun as well as intellectually rewarding"
16:36:52  LouiseB says "Hi bill have you played with many of the images in the coursework yet?" (to williamE)"
16:36:56  IJT sips his virtual beer.
16:37:23  AttilaR connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    31m 52s   1m 54s
IJT          Common       HTTP    31m 52s      27s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    31m 52s  19m 27s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    31m 51s    1m 4s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    31m 50s   2m 36s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    31m 50s   2m 48s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    31m 49s      14s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    31m 49s   4m 47s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    31m 48s   2m 52s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    31m 48s   1m 55s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    31m 48s   3m 11s
KevinO       Common       HTTP    31m 48s   2m 43s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    12m 26s       3s
AttilaR      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
JKC          Common       HTTP    26m 26s      25s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    17m 38s       2s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP     8m 13s      31s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     5m 24s    1m 4s
16:37:36  DavidM says "Please let us know quickly if you are having any problems with understanding the course material"
16:37:59  WilliamE says (to LouiseB) "No not yet - what have you got in the way of software to do that by the way?"
16:38:06  JKC says (to IJT) "where is the store virtual beer??"
16:38:25  DavidM says "It is important that you get a really good grasp of the first few sections"
16:38:35  ClareS says "yes - if you have any scientific queries please do mail the discussion list"
16:38:57  DavidM says "Some of you may find that you know some of it already. Others will not"
16:39:10  HPCD says (to PaulH) "Nobody has used front page express yet."
16:39:19  LouiseB says "(to WilliamE) download Rasmol freeware Bill, and when you click on the icons in the PX coursework, they open up as images that you can manipulate"""
16:39:42  IJT says "To go to an adjacent room just click on one of the links shown when you type "look"."
16:40:02  HPCD says (to PaulH) "This is something where you will have to experiment a bit"
16:40:12  WilliamE says (to LouiseB) "Oh yeh, I think I have that somewhere already"
16:40:16  PaulH says (to hpcd) "could either be a great leap forward or a giant step back then, hopefully the former"
16:40:22  HPCD says (to PaulH) "to find out the the best way of writing HTMl"
16:40:34  ClareS says "that is certainly easier than typing"
16:40:40  HPCD says (to PaulH) "WE have a section on the topic in the course material"
16:40:50  IJT says "You all have a key which only opens the door between your course room and the Common room."
16:41:02  ClareS says (to paulh) "I don't think there is a "best" way, it depends on what works best for you"
16:41:13  PaulH says (to hpcd) "okay , i will have a look then"
16:41:15  IJT says "This is just so that people don't end up in the wrong room by mistake."
16:41:51  ClareS says "if you want to talk to someone in a different room, you can use the "page" command"
16:42:13  SarahL says (to ClareS"Can) "We have a list of the other members of the course?"
16:42:14  IJT says "You can always speak to a person in a different room using the "page" command."
16:42:30  BartoszB says (to Gregorzf) "I like your sense of humour, but I asked about the language as it is my very first time in MUD and i don't know the customs"
16:42:55  IJT says "If there's only one exit you can also type the "out" or "exit" commands."
16:42:56  ClareS says "type page followed by the person's name followed by what you want to say"
16:44:02  ClareS says "a third way is to type go followed by the room name, eg. go pps"
16:44:30  IJT says "You can also join another person in a different room (provided you have the right key) using the "join" command."
16:44:50  IJT says "To get help on a command just type "help" then the command."
16:45:09  ClareS says "to find out who else is connected, just type who"
16:46:29  PaulH says "i am currently doing protein expression and purification and want to expand my horizons, anyone in the same boat?"
16:47:25  WilliamE says (to PaulH) "That sounds like me too ;)"
16:47:33  CharafB says (to PaulH) "I am about to start some recominant protein expression"
16:48:44  PaulH says (to char) "are doing it as part of a degree or something, or are you with a company?"
16:48:52  LouiseB says (to PaulH) "protien expression and purification- yeah, me too. Are you using prokaryotes or eukaryotes, and what sort of systems"
16:49:04  JohnP says "..PaulH, what type for purification you doing?"
16:49:16  KevinO disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    43m 45s   1m 51s
IJT          Common       HTTP    43m 45s      37s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    43m 45s      12s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    43m 44s      10s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    43m 43s    7m 3s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    43m 43s   1m 43s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    43m 42s    1m 7s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    43m 42s   1m 20s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    43m 41s    7m 1s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    43m 41s      32s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    43m 41s   7m 49s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    11m 53s   1m 19s
JKC          Common       HTTP    38m 19s   10m 5s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    29m 31s   3m 44s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP     20m 6s      24s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    17m 17s    9m 0s
16:49:33  SarahL disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP     44m 2s    2m 8s
IJT          Common       HTTP     44m 2s      54s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     44m 2s      29s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP     44m 1s      27s
CharafB      Common       HTTP     44m 0s    2m 0s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    43m 59s   1m 24s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP    43m 59s   1m 37s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    43m 58s   7m 18s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    43m 58s      49s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    43m 58s    8m 6s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    12m 10s   1m 36s
JKC          Common       HTTP    38m 36s  10m 22s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    29m 48s    4m 1s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    20m 23s      41s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    17m 34s   9m 17s
16:49:41  CharafB says (to PaulH) "I am a PhD student at the Vet College in London, I am working on horse chemokines"
16:49:45  PaulH says "anything going, we do the lot"
16:49:59  BartoszB disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    44m 28s   2m 34s
IJT          Common       HTTP    44m 28s   1m 20s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    44m 28s      55s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    44m 27s      53s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    44m 26s      18s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    44m 25s   1m 50s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    44m 24s   7m 44s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    44m 24s      14s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    44m 24s       8s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    12m 36s    2m 2s
JKC          Common       HTTP     39m 2s  10m 48s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    30m 14s   4m 27s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    20m 49s    1m 7s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     18m 0s   9m 43s
16:49:59  JohnP says "anyone doing work on refolding?"
16:50:28  JohnP says "refolding that WORKS"
16:50:58  PaulH says (to char) "i have done some work with MCP and other chemokines, intersting molecules"
16:50:58  LouiseB says (to JohnP) "have done some refolding, from urea solutions, to get active antibody fragments. tend to end up with urea crystals on the bench and all your tubing, in my experience"
16:50:59  CharafB says (to PaulH) "I have produced a chemokine in stably transfected insect cells... I am going to try to purify it... next week!!!"
16:51:06  BartoszB connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    45m 35s   3m 41s
IJT          Common       HTTP    45m 35s   2m 27s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    45m 35s      38s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    45m 34s    2m 0s
MartinV      Common       HTTP        47s      17s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    45m 33s       7s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    45m 32s   2m 57s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    45m 31s   8m 51s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    45m 31s       8s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    45m 31s      47s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    13m 43s    3m 9s
JKC          Common       HTTP     40m 9s  11m 55s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    31m 21s   5m 34s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    21m 56s       8s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     19m 7s  10m 50s
16:51:18  SpyrosS says "Am I the only physicist around?"
16:51:23  AttilaR says "I am working with chaperones, mainly with HSP90. I am from Hungary, Budapest. It can do some type of refolding."
16:51:38  IJT says "Note that when speak to someone using "to" or ".." the letter case is not important, and also you can abbreviate their name provided it's unique of course."
16:51:40  ClareS says (to spyross) "I was a physics student nearly 20 years ago ;)"
16:51:47  WilliamE says (to JohnP) "there's a rare thing, yes we do a little of that - it's worth avoiding if possible though;)"
16:52:10  ClareS says "one other thing to mention: emoting (expressing emotions or actions)"
16:52:16  JohnP says "..LouiseB, thats a shame Lousie, have worked with Urea and had the same probs, just need to look round for some of the wall refolding methods"
16:52:20  PaulH says (to char) "if you want methods there are soom good lit. works about"
16:52:22  IJT says "So I can say "..cl blah" to talk to Clare, for example."
16:52:38  ClareS says "if you type : followed by an emotion or action you appear to "do" or "feel" it"
16:53:17  ClareS says "if I type :smiles the transcript will say ClareS smiles"
16:53:30  JohnP hungry
16:53:43  JohnP says "yeah it works"
16:54:15  AttilaR says (to JohnP) "Why don't you eat something?"
16:54:35  JohnP says "thank you Attila, I had not thought of that"
16:54:52  CharafB says (to Pau) "I haven't produced the horse MCPs yet, we are concentrating on eotaxin which is very close to MCPs"
16:55:34  AttilaR says (to JonhP) "What are you studying, or what are you dealing with?"
16:56:06  LouiseB says (to CharafB) "how have you been purifying eotaxin- from a mammalian or insect cell line. Do you use reverse phase columns to do it?"
16:56:26  PaulH says (to char) "yeh, the methods for expression and purification seem very standard accross the whole cc,cxc classes"
16:56:36  KevinO connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP     51m 5s      21s
IJT          Common       HTTP     51m 5s       6s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     51m 5s    2m 1s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP     51m 4s   7m 30s
MartinV      Common       HTTP     6m 17s   1m 29s
CharafB      Common       HTTP     51m 3s   1m 44s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     51m 2s   3m 19s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP     5m 30s   1m 46s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP     51m 1s   5m 18s
PaulH        Common       HTTP     51m 1s      10s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     51m 1s       5s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    19m 13s    1m 2s
JKC          Common       HTTP    45m 39s   1m 18s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    36m 51s   11m 4s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    27m 26s      30s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    24m 37s  16m 20s
16:56:48  CharafB says (to Pau) "they are very sticky proteins apparently... There are loads of info indeed, that's the problem!"
16:56:52  JohnP says (to Att,) "I work for the BBSRC Centre for Structural Biology here in Birkbeck..."
16:56:55  BartoszB disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    51m 24s      40s
IJT          Common       HTTP    51m 24s      25s
JohnP        Common       HTTP    51m 24s       3s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP    51m 23s   7m 49s
MartinV      Common       HTTP     6m 36s   1m 48s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    51m 22s       7s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    51m 21s   3m 38s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    51m 20s       2s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    51m 20s      29s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    51m 20s      24s
KevinO       PPS          HTTP        19s      19s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    19m 32s   1m 21s
JKC          Common       HTTP    45m 58s   1m 37s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    37m 10s  11m 23s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    27m 45s      49s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    24m 56s  16m 39s
16:56:57  AttilaR says "Is there anybody, dealing with molecular chaperones?"
16:57:11  HPCD says (to PX-students) "Have you installed RasMol yet?"
16:57:25  PaulH says (to char) "if you need specific refs. i can recommend some"
16:57:47  PaulH says (to hpcd) "yes"
16:58:04  LouiseB says (to HPCD) "yes- i've whiled away many minutes rotating the aminoacid structures this week."
16:58:08  HPCD says (to PaulH) "any problems?"
16:58:24  WilliamE says (to HPCD) "yes"
16:58:36  AttilaR says (to JohnP) "I'm a madical student, interested mainly in protein biochemistry. I am dealing with interaction of HSP90 and DNA, but it seems to be a bit difficult."
16:58:37  KevinO disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP     53m 6s      13s
IJT          Common       HTTP     53m 6s    2m 7s
JohnP        Common       HTTP     53m 6s   1m 45s
GrzegorzF    Common       HTTP     53m 5s   9m 31s
MartinV      Common       HTTP     8m 18s      24s
CharafB      Common       HTTP     53m 4s   1m 49s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     53m 3s   5m 20s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP     53m 2s   1m 44s
PaulH        Common       HTTP     53m 2s      50s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     53m 2s      29s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    21m 14s       1s
JKC          Common       HTTP    47m 40s       5s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    38m 52s   13m 5s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    29m 27s      33s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    26m 38s  18m 21s
16:58:51  PaulH says (to hpcd) "no i have been using it a while in my work so the install is not new"
16:59:24  HPCD says (to PX-students) "have you configured your browser to get the auto-fire"
16:59:56  CharafB says (to Paul) "Thanks, for the offer, as I am about to start, I don't know if the things are going to work... so anything is good!"
17:00:18  PaulH says (to hpcd) "rasmol seems okay but i am unsure about mime"
17:00:31  JohnP disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP     55m 0s    2m 7s
IJT          Common       HTTP     55m 0s      39s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP    54m 59s      35s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    10m 12s      21s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    54m 58s      35s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    54m 57s      18s
JeremyC      PD           HTTP         5s       5s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    54m 56s   3m 38s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    54m 56s      13s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    54m 56s    1m 7s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP     23m 8s   1m 55s
JKC          Common       HTTP    49m 34s   1m 59s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    40m 46s  14m 59s
LouiseB      Common       HTTP    31m 21s   2m 27s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    28m 32s  20m 15s
17:01:00  ClareS says "For those of you on PPS we will usually have one or two tutorial sessions to cover each section of the course"
17:01:09  HPCD says (to PX-students) "to get the browser properly configured, you should"
17:01:22  ClareS says "when we have two, one will be late at night for those on the other side of the Pond"
17:01:37  HPCD says (to PX-students) "look at the worked-out examples in the course material"
17:01:40  ClareS says "they will *not* always be on the same day of the week"
17:01:42  WilliamE says (to HPCD) "I haven' tcome across that yet - how do you do that?"
17:02:01  BartoszB connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    56m 30s      19s
IJT          Common       HTTP    56m 30s    2m 9s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
GrzegorzF    PX           HTTP    56m 29s    2m 5s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    11m 42s   1m 15s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    56m 28s    2m 5s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    56m 27s      21s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     1m 35s      19s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    56m 26s    5m 8s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    56m 26s   1m 43s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    56m 26s      24s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    24m 38s   3m 25s
JKC          Common       HTTP     51m 4s   3m 29s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    42m 16s  16m 29s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     30m 2s  21m 45s
17:02:13  ClareS says "is there anything else you would like to ask us now?"
17:02:30  HPCD says (to PX-students) "The first four pages of the section Course Software and Configuring the Browser"
17:02:33  PaulH says (to clar) "im okay for now, thanks"
17:02:36  AttilaR says (to ClareS) "When is going to be our next meeting?"
17:03:01  PaulH says (to char) "drop me your mail address and i'll forward what I think is most useful"
17:03:09  HPCD says (to PX-students) "deal with this topic."
17:03:10  SarahL connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP    57m 39s   1m 28s
IJT          Common       HTTP    57m 39s      22s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP      1m 9s       1s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    12m 51s      35s
CharafB      Common       HTTP    57m 37s   3m 14s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    57m 36s      57s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     2m 44s       6s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP    57m 35s   6m 17s
PaulH        Common       HTTP    57m 35s       9s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    57m 35s       1s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    25m 47s      34s
JKC          Common       HTTP    52m 13s   4m 38s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    43m 25s  17m 38s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    31m 11s  22m 54s
17:03:32  CharafB says (to Hpcd) "Does IE4 work ok with chime or mime?"
17:03:42  HPCD says (to PX-students) "http://px.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/99core/software/index.htm"
17:04:23  HPCD says (to CharafB) "It certainly works with MIME"
17:04:56  ClareS says (to attilar) "there will be another intro session on Thursday at 23:00GMT if you're still awake ;)"
17:05:17  HPCD says "goodbye for now"
17:05:35  ClareS says (to attilar) "the first tutorial will be in about 2 weeks but we haven't set a date yet, we'll mail the list"
17:05:37  DavidM waves
17:05:59  DavidM disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP      1h 0m   4m 17s
IJT          PX           HTTP      2m 4s    2m 4s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP     3m 58s   2m 50s
SarahL       Common       HTTP     2m 49s   1m 36s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    15m 40s    1m 0s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 0m   2m 27s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 0m      24s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     5m 33s    1m 8s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 0m    9m 6s
PaulH        Common       HTTP      1h 0m   2m 58s
HPCD         Common       HTTP      1h 0m      33s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    28m 36s      15s
JKC          Common       HTTP     55m 2s   7m 27s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    46m 14s  20m 27s
17:06:03  JeremyC says "MartinV are you going to the 23:00GMT MUD session too?"
17:06:09  ClareS says (to pps-students) "if you haven't mailed an introduction to the list yet, please do so within the next few days if you can"
17:06:11  DavidM connects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP      1h 0m   4m 29s
IJT          PX           HTTP     2m 16s   2m 16s
BartoszB     Common       HTTP     4m 10s    3m 2s
SarahL       Common       HTTP      3m 1s   1m 48s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    15m 52s   1m 12s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 0m   2m 39s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 0m       2s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     5m 45s       8s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 0m   9m 18s
DavidM       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
HPCD         Common       HTTP      1h 0m      45s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    28m 48s      27s
JKC          Common       HTTP    55m 14s   7m 39s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    46m 26s  20m 39s
17:07:00  SarahL says "I missed the last 15 minutes as I had to log off , is the transcript available after the tutorial"o"
17:07:05  BartoszB disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP      1h 1m   5m 23s
IJT          PX           HTTP     3m 10s   3m 10s
SarahL       Common       HTTP     3m 55s       5s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    16m 46s    2m 6s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 1m   3m 33s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 1m      32s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     6m 39s    1m 2s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 1m  10m 12s
DavidM       PPS          HTTP        54s      54s
HPCD         Common       HTTP      1h 1m       5s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    29m 42s   1m 21s
JKC          Common       HTTP     56m 8s   8m 33s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    47m 20s       7s
17:07:40  MartinV says "JeremyC "no, I'll be still in the pub""
17:07:59  JeremyC says "MartinV OK for some"
17:08:19  DavidM disconnects.
WilliamE     Common       HTTP      1h 2m   6m 37s
IJT          PX           HTTP     4m 24s   4m 24s
SarahL       Common       HTTP      5m 9s   1m 19s
MartinV      Common       HTTP     18m 0s      39s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 2m       5s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 2m   1m 13s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP     7m 53s      20s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 2m  11m 26s
HPCD         Common       HTTP      1h 2m   1m 14s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    30m 56s   2m 35s
JKC          Common       HTTP    57m 22s   9m 47s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    48m 34s      58s
17:08:43  JeremyC says "MartinV you can always drop by after last orders"
17:09:08  JeremyC says (to MartinV) "test"
17:09:42  ClareS says "for the transcript point your browser at http://mud:6006/transcript"
17:10:18  MartinV says (to ""drop") "is probably what I'll do!"
17:11:05  BartoszB connects.
WilliamE     PX           HTTP      1h 5m    1m 1s
IJT          PX           HTTP     7m 10s   7m 10s
BartoszB     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
SarahL       Common       HTTP     7m 55s    4m 5s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    20m 46s       5s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 5m   2m 51s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 5m   1m 23s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    10m 39s       6s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 5m   1m 17s
HPCD         Common       HTTP      1h 5m    4m 0s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    33m 42s   5m 21s
JKC          Common       HTTP      1h 0m  12m 33s
AliceB       Common       HTTP    51m 20s      44s
17:11:09  ClareS grins
17:12:35  AttilaR says "What are we doing now?"
17:13:50  AttilaR says (to HPCD) "Hi, I am Attila, What are you working on?"
17:14:41  ClareS really must go now
17:14:46  SarahL says "Bye for now "
17:14:53  BartoszB disconnects.
HPCD         PX           HTTP     1m 56s   1m 56s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    11m 43s       7s
MartinV      Common       HTTP    24m 34s   1m 28s
CharafB      Common       HTTP      1h 9m   2m 28s
ClareS       Common       HTTP      1h 9m      12s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    14m 27s      12s
SpyrosS      Common       HTTP      1h 9m   2m 31s
AttilaR      Common       HTTP    37m 30s      27s
JKC          Common       HTTP      1h 3m  16m 21s
AliceB       Common       HTTP     55m 8s   4m 32s
17:15:26  ClareS says "it's been good to talk to you all - I hope that you find the MUD fun as well as useful"
17:15:36  BartoszB connects.
17:15:48  ClareS says "and I hope to see some of you on Thursday if I can keep awake"
17:17:24  AttilaR says (to BartoszB) "Hi, I am Attila. What are you working on?"
17:17:57  SarahL says (to clares") "i would like to come on thursday I'll see If I can"
17:18:58  ClareS waves to all
17:19:11  SpyrosS says "goodbye everyone"
17:19:20  SpyrosS disconnects.