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MUD transcript:  25-11-99

Introduction to the MUD

Course room(s): PPS  Chat room(s): COMMON

Please note that the session was run in the Common Room. For various reasons not everyone was at all times present in the Common Room, so that 'live' certain parts contained in this transcript would not have been seen. Each statement is preceded by the room where it was made.

22:51:13  LesleyM connects.

LarryT       PPS          Telnet      12s      12s
HPCD         PX           HTTP    10m 47s  10m 34s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    32m 21s   1m 24s
RobertO      PPS          HTTP    32m 20s       7s
LesleyM      PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
22:54:51  RobertO says (to l) "where are you located"
22:55:39  LarryT says (to Robert) "I am at the U of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA"
22:56:13  RobertO says (to l) "no kidding, my wife just interviewd there, what department"
22:57:33  LarryT says (to Robert) "I am at MHRI (Mental Health Research Institute), a research facility associated with Dept of Psychiatry at the medical school"
22:58:36  RobertO says (to la) "sounds good, so how is the weather there today and how do you like ann arbor"
22:58:45  PeterW connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet   7m 44s   1m 12s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    18m 19s    1m 2s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    39m 53s   4m 31s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    39m 52s       9s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP     7m 32s   2m 43s
JKC          Common       HTTP     3m 45s      25s
PeterW       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
22:58:51  LesleyM says (to JKC) "I don't recognize the initials- what is your name"
23:00:20  StephanieD connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet   9m 19s      27s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    19m 54s   1m 34s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    41m 28s    6m 6s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    41m 27s      16s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP      9m 7s   1m 29s
JKC          Common       HTTP     5m 20s      49s
PeterW       PPS          HTTP     1m 35s   1m 35s
StephanieD   PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
23:00:28  LarryT says (to Robert) "Weather is currently cold and gray ... I like Ann Arbor ..I love where I work"
23:00:33  LesleyM says "Does any one know when the next section of the course will be open?"
23:00:54  DavidM connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet   9m 53s      26s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    20m 28s    2m 8s
Wizard       Void         HTTP     42m 2s   6m 40s
RobertO      Common       HTTP     42m 1s      50s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP     9m 41s      21s
JKC          Common       HTTP     5m 54s      24s
PeterW       Common       HTTP      2m 9s      29s
StephanieD   PPS          HTTP        34s      34s
DavidM       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
23:00:58  RobertO says (to le) "on monday"
23:01:31  JKC says (to LesleyM) "I am Jeremy Karl Cockcroft - I am actually course organiser for the PD course, though I tutor on PX as well"
23:01:47  RobertO says (to le) "are you as anxious as I am to get started?"
23:02:16  JKC says (to HPCD) "Did it show that I just got disconnected at home on your screen?"
23:02:18  LesleyM says (to LarryT) "cold and gray in Boulder now - but it's taken a long time to there"
23:02:33  PeterW disconnects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  11m 32s    2m 5s
HPCD         Common       HTTP     22m 7s       1s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    43m 41s   8m 19s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    43m 40s      47s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP    11m 20s      15s
JKC          Common       HTTP     7m 33s      17s
StephanieD   PPS          HTTP     2m 13s   2m 13s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     1m 39s      59s
23:02:43  PeterW connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  11m 42s   2m 15s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    22m 17s      11s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    43m 51s   8m 29s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    43m 50s      57s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP    11m 30s      25s
JKC          Common       HTTP     7m 43s      27s
IJT          PX           HTTP         3s       3s
StephanieD   PPS          HTTP     2m 23s   2m 23s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     1m 49s    1m 9s
PeterW       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
23:02:52  LesleyM says (to RobertO) "tks"
23:03:22  JKC says (to DavidM) "Are you logged in via the Demon ISP like me?"
23:03:30  LesleyM says (to JKC) "thankyou Jeremy"
23:03:40  ClareS connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  12m 39s   3m 12s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    23m 14s      17s
Wizard       Void         HTTP    44m 48s   9m 26s
RobertO      Common       HTTP    44m 47s   1m 54s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP    12m 27s      10s
JKC          Common       HTTP     8m 40s       9s
IJT          Common       HTTP      1m 0s      53s
StephanieD   Common       HTTP     3m 20s      52s
DavidM       Common       HTTP     2m 46s      20s
PeterW       PPS          HTTP        57s       7s
ClareS       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
23:03:53  RobertO says (to le) "well it is warm here today, got the air conditioning on!"
23:04:11  LesleyM says "how many people are registered for the PPS"
23:04:17  DavidM says "Hello, Clare"
23:04:32  IJT turns down the air conditioning.
23:05:11  ClareS says "Hi,"
23:05:32  ClareS says "very sorry I'm late... I had a minor problem with my computer"
23:05:36  JKC says "Hi Clare"
23:05:40  DavidM says "Hello, Clare"
23:05:44  ClareS says "it's good to see so many of you here"
23:06:01  HPCD says (to Clare) "hi"
23:06:08  LesleyM says (to RobertO) "Love SF, but I am glad for cold temps here at last"
23:06:13  JKC says (to ClareS) "Are you also logged in from home?"
23:07:18  StephanieD says "Hi"
23:07:19  RobertO says (to le) "well I may be going to michigan if my wife takes a job there and we will have have snow again"
23:07:27  ClareS says (to jkc) "yes - by far the best place to login from for midnight MUD sessions"
23:07:36  LesleyM says "please remind me - what/who is Wizard?"
23:07:41  RobertO says (to ste) "hello, where are you?"
23:08:02  PeterW says "Hi claire"
23:08:14  ClareS says (to lesleym) "Wizard is the mud's system manager (in our case otherwise known as Ian Tickle)"
23:08:25  RobertO says (to le) "wizard is the Ian and he is the admin for the mud"
23:08:26  PeterW says "Hi claire"
23:08:37  JKC says (to ClareS) "I agree -it's really quite civilised having a MUD session in the comfort of ones home"
23:09:18  RobertO says (to jck) "especially on thanksgiving day!"
23:09:52  ClareS says "I'm very sorry about that... I forgot when I fixed the date :("
23:09:54  RobertO says (to jkc) "especially on thanksgiving day!"
23:09:59  RamananS connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  18m 58s   9m 31s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    29m 33s   2m 56s
RamananS     PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
RobertO      Common       HTTP     51m 6s       5s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP    18m 46s   2m 23s
JKC          Common       HTTP    14m 59s   1m 22s
IJT          Common       HTTP     7m 19s   5m 27s
StephanieD   Common       HTTP     9m 39s   2m 41s
DavidM       Common       HTTP      9m 5s   4m 19s
PeterW       Common       HTTP     7m 16s   1m 33s
ClareS       Common       HTTP     6m 19s       7s
23:10:13  ClareS accuses herself of cultural imperialism (very out of date variety)
23:11:09  LesleyM says (to ClareS) "it has worked out very well for me today. I would find it difficult to get home in time on a work day."
23:11:19  RobertO says (to cl) "it is ok, just was surprised, forgot you dont have a turkey day."
23:12:22  StephanieD says (to RobertO) "I'm in Malta, right in the middle of the Mediterranean"
23:12:31  ClareS says "seriously, would you like another late night (UK time) intro session on a work day?"
23:12:58  ClareS says (to stephanied,) "so it must be even later for you than it is for us at Birkbeck"
23:13:23  RobertO says (to cl) "no this is fine but at 4 I will have to wrap up here for company"
23:13:43  StephanieD says "That's right...GMT + 1!!"
23:13:49  JKC says (to RobertO) "It's a tricky thing to remember all the festival days in Europe, let alone all around the globe. We tend to assume that New Year is pretty universal, but the rest are more difficult."
23:13:50  RobertO says (to st) "wow you are far away, what do you do in malta"
23:14:01  ClareS says "you seem to have got the hang of using this system to talk to each other .."
23:14:31  ClareS says "I would like to use part of this session to introduce some of the other commands"
23:15:06  ClareS says "although it's all in the MUD crib sheet which is linked from the technology pages of all three courses"
23:15:35  ClareS says "when you login, you find yourselves automatically in the relevant room for the course you're doing"
23:15:35  IJT says "Just testing something..."
23:16:05  ClareS says "to enter this room you probably typed out, but you can also type go common, or common or c"
23:16:20  ClareS says "or you can "join" someone who is already here"
23:16:49  LesleyM says (to Clare) "I don't think "out" worked for me"
23:16:50  ClareS says "but you need a key to enter a room, and by default you only have your own course room's key"
23:17:22  ClareS says (to lesleym) "did you type it in quotes?"
23:17:24  StephanieD says (to RobertO) "I'm a medic, actually. That needs to learn some other MUD commands!"
23:17:58  LesleyM says (to ClareS) "is every one here PPS or are there others too?"
23:17:59  ClareS says (to lesleym) "if you did, it wouldn't have worked"
23:19:25  LesleyM says (to IJT) "do we have to define clothing every time we login, or is it stored?"
23:19:53  ClareS says "clothing is stored (I think - Ian please confirm)"
23:20:12  IJT says "Yes everything you changed is saved."
23:20:17  LesleyM says (to JeremyC) "hello Jeremy. Where are you?"
23:20:19  RobertO says "yes I have tried it, it stay set"
23:20:44  JKC says (to LesleyM) "I am actually at home now - In the UK"
23:20:49  IJT says "including your description and doing texts."
23:21:36  ClareS says (to ijt) "I just crashed my browser, no idea why"
23:21:49  LesleyM says (to IJT) "what are doing texts meant to convery?"
23:22:13  IJT says (to le) "Note that if you type "out" in the Common room it won't work because there are 4 exits."
23:22:13  ClareS says "there *are* other ways of communication - to address one person in particular you preface that person's name by 2 dots"
23:22:34  ClareS says "and if you want to talk to someone privately, you can use the whisper or page commands"
23:23:05  ClareS says "the only difference in practice is that you can page someone anywhere in the MUD but only whisper to someone in the same room as you"
23:23:12  IJT says (to le) "If you do type "out" here it will give you the options, which you can click if you're using a browser."
23:23:40  IJT says (to cl) "Are you on a PC?"
23:24:22  ClareS says "I'm sorry - I forgot that I would be sent home when I reconnected"
23:24:49  LesleyM says (to ClareS) "howmany people are registered onthe PPS"
23:25:17  ClareS says (to lesleym) "between 25 & 30"
23:25:43  IJT says (to le) "Anything you like the default is "PPS course" or whatever."
23:25:47  StephanieD says "Which do you think is the best MUD client to use for a PC? I'm using the HTML interface, and it's rather tiresome!"
23:26:14  LesleyM says (to ClareS) "Is use of the MUD random, or there some busy times?"
23:26:20  ClareS says (to stephanied) "if you change the refresh rate you may not find it so tiresome"
23:26:21  JKC says "But it does have the clickable objects"
23:26:30  IJT says (to le) "Your description (@desc) can be longer, eg it could include your e-mail address."
23:26:48  ClareS says "to do this, you type @refresh followed by a number which is the refresh rate you want in seconds"
23:26:49  JKC says "You can change the refresh rate if you find the updating a problem"
23:27:10  ClareS says "5 seconds is a bit hard on the eyes at times, particularly late at night"
23:27:57  IJT says (to step) "If you're using Unix, tinyfugue is good. For PCs try mutt"
23:27:58  ClareS says "there are good MUD clients for PCs, I have used Phoca which is quite good"
23:28:01  PeterW says (to Clare) "thank it was getting annoying"
23:28:35  ClareS says "there are two main purposes for this session, to introduce us to each other and to introduce some commands you may not be aware of"
23:28:43  PeterW says (to Clare) "that was thanks, Sorry"
23:28:55  IJT says (to You) "can slow down the refresh rate, but then of course you'll have to wait that long before you see what was said."
23:29:21  StephanieD says (to ClareS) "Thanks. That's a relief"
23:30:01  ClareS says "I'd also like to introduce a few more commands you may not be aware of..."
23:30:15  PeterW says (to IJT) "Thanks IJT where are you ?"
23:30:28  ClareS says "(tho' they're all in the crib sheet which is linked from the courses' technology pages"
23:30:37  IJT says "Yes 5 secs is a bit tiring. Try: @ref 10"
23:31:08  ClareS says (to ijt) "tho' of course you have to wait 10 seconds to see what anyone's said to you"
23:31:23  IJT says (to pet) "I'm in EB5 in Birkbeck"
23:31:30  LesleyM says (to IJT) "I just looked at the "who" list - how is idle time computed?"
23:31:39  RobertO says "I am using ten sec refresh on a pc and it works well, 5 was awful"
23:31:53  ClareS says (to ijt) "do the tubes still run at this hour?"
23:32:07  IJT says (to les) "Tells you how long since you last typed something."
23:32:28  PeterW says (to Clare) "that must be pretty annoying when there are lots of people logged in"
23:32:33  ClareS says "there are two ways of talking "privately" to people - the page and whisper commands"
23:32:51  IJT says (to cl) "Yes until about 1am I believe."
23:33:19  ClareS says (to ijt) "we'll be finished long before then"
23:33:34  LesleyM says (to IJT) "I thought so- it seems not to be computing my downtime at all"
23:33:46  ClareS says "the only real difference is that you have to be in the same room as someone to whisper to them.."
23:34:00  IJT says (to cl) "I'll be off anyway before then. In any case I have my car here."
23:34:01  ClareS says "whilst you can page anyone in the MUD"
23:34:22  ClareS hates driving in London
23:34:35  PeterW says (to ijt) "nice and local then, I'm in kingston"
23:34:37  SarahL connects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  43m 36s  20m 22s
HPCD         Common       HTTP    54m 11s    1m 0s
RamananS     Common       HTTP    24m 38s    3m 2s
RobertO      Common       HTTP     1h 15m   2m 42s
LesleyM      Common       HTTP    43m 24s    1m 3s
JKC          Common       HTTP    39m 37s   2m 48s
IJT          Common       HTTP    31m 57s      37s
StephanieD   Common       HTTP    34m 17s   5m 16s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    33m 43s   1m 59s
PeterW       Common       HTTP    31m 54s       2s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    30m 57s       2s
JeremyC      Common       HTTP    15m 31s    2m 2s
SarahL       PPS          HTTP         0s       0s
23:34:51  RobertO says "but the taxis are great compared to the us"
23:36:24  StephanieD says (to ClareS) "By crib page, do you mean the reference card? or is there something I'm missing?"
23:37:36  RobertO says (to ste) "you have to have a good memory, unix users will fare better I think...all those commands to memorize"
23:37:37  ClareS says "I'm sorry - my browser crashed again :("
23:37:45  SarahL says "HI,I,m at Home near Warwick England tinight"
23:38:05  ClareS says "any more insomniac europeans?"
23:38:27  ClareS says "back to the tutorial.. the page and whisper commands"
23:38:51  ClareS says "to page someone you type page, followed by their name, follwed by what you want to say"
23:39:03  ClareS says "that is, no punctuation at all"
23:39:25  IJT says "There seems to be a small bug. The MUD thinks that anything containing 3 dots is a URL - like this: hello...hello"
23:39:39  ClareS says "to whisper, the command is whisper "text" to person"
23:40:21  IJT says "If you try to click on it, the browser will just give a "not found" message"
23:40:35  PeterW says (to clares) "if you whisper or page then does only the recipient get the message ?"
23:40:43  ClareS says (to ijt) "I hadn't tried"
23:40:53  ClareS says (to peterw) "that's right"
23:41:21  ClareS says "you can also express actions, or emotions in the MUD"
23:42:18  RobertO getting hungry for thanksgiving dinner!
23:42:37  RobertO says (to cl) "you mean like that?"
23:42:50  ClareS says "you type : followed by an action or emotion and the MUD will report that you do (or feel) it"
23:42:57  JKC says (to IJT) "can one whisper to more than one person? (at the same time that is)"
23:43:10  ClareS says (to roberto) "exactly"
23:43:26  ClareS would like to do that but doesn't think it's possible
23:43:36  LesleyM says "Must go now - time for the Turkey(4:41 here) and my sons are ready to eat."
23:43:42  ClareS says (to roberto) "or that!"
23:44:03  ClareS blushes (again!) at forgetting
23:44:09  RobertO says "by lesley...happy thanksgiving"
23:44:24  ClareS would like to wish all American students a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner
23:44:39  StephanieD says "Does emote have any to do with expressing emotion/actions?"
23:44:46  ClareS would also like one too!
23:45:01  JKC says "LesleyM you'll make us all feel hungry...have a good dinner"
23:45:15  ClareS says (to stephanied) "that's right - the : is just the short form of the command, so much easier to type"
23:45:16  PeterW says (to LesleyM) "and all Americans happy thanksgiving and enjoy"
23:45:38  RobertO smell the turky cooking..yams a cookin'
23:45:40  ClareS says "you can type the whole word emote followed by what you want to do"
23:46:00  RamananS says (to ClareSramamnanS) "reporting :present"
23:46:10  ClareS will dream about thanksgiving dinner tonight ;)
23:46:59  PeterW feeling very Hungry!!!
23:47:09  IJT says "Someone mentioned the quick reference card earlier. Don't forget the online help. Just type: help"
23:47:19  RobertO says (to clare) "well if you catch the SST now...might get here for dinner in time...pie for sure. You ar e invited but sure could be a costly meal"
23:47:39  LesleyM disconnects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet  56m 38s  33m 24s
RamananS     Common       HTTP    37m 40s      22s
RobertO      Common       HTTP     1h 28m      20s
JKC          Common       HTTP    52m 39s   1m 27s
IJT          Common       HTTP    44m 59s      30s
StephanieD   Common       HTTP    47m 19s    3m 0s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    46m 45s      12s
PeterW       Common       HTTP    44m 56s      40s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    43m 59s      21s
SarahL       Common       HTTP     13m 2s   1m 41s
23:48:38  StephanieD rummaging in the freezer.
23:48:39  PeterW says (to IJT) "but isn't it a pain with the refresh and text scrolling"
23:48:49  ClareS says "type help followed by the name of a command to find out more about that command"
23:48:58  JKC Also feeling very hungry again
23:49:06  PeterW says (to Clare) "thanks"
23:49:31  ClareS says "fast refresh rates are a pain if you want to click links"
23:49:48  IJT says (to pe) "Unfortunately that's how the browser works, by refreshing the whole screen. The alternative is a MUD client where you don't get this problem."
23:49:49  ClareS says "you just decide to click one and it vanishes"
23:50:00  JKC has gone to get a sandwich - bye
23:50:09  ClareS would love to come to thanksgiving dinner but sleep is much more realistic
23:50:33  PeterW says (to IJT) "i'll have to try that before the next session"
23:50:46  ClareS says "I would also like to explain that the three courses will operate MUD sessions differently"
23:50:56  ClareS says "PPS will probably have more than the others"
23:51:27  SarahL says "Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Meal all in American"
23:51:27  RobertO says (to pete) "you can change it on the fly no need to wait"
23:51:35  ClareS says "we will aim for at least one and probably two (one late night in the UK) to accompany each section of course material"
23:51:58  IJT says (to pe) "For Unix systems most people use a client call tinyfugue. For PCs I've used one called mutt (you can download it from here)."
23:52:34  PeterW says (to RobertO) "do you have to use the web browser to so that ?"
23:54:15  ClareS says (to all_US_students) "would this be a good time for you on "normal" days?"
23:54:30  SarahL says (to Clare"My) "computer is very slow"
23:55:11  ClareS says "seriously, I should really go (to bed!) soon - does anyone have any questions?"
23:55:19  RobertO says "it is ok for me but I will have to do it from work but that is no problem"
23:55:30  LarryT says "Thurs night is the only NON_HOLIDAY time I am unavailable ... I teach Scuba at U of mI during this time during Fall adn Winer semesters"
23:56:00  ClareS says "I forgot to say that the sessions will not always be on the same days"
23:56:30  LarryT says (to ClareS) "Bless you (g)"
23:56:39  RobertO says (to clare) "how much warning will we have before a mud session and is the second installment of the course going to be available monday?"
23:56:41  ClareS says "we will cycle round all weekdays so anyone with a regular commitment won't have to miss many sessions"
23:57:01  ClareS says "it also depends on when the *tutors* are available and my timetable is particularly complex"
23:57:30  ClareS says "we promise that we *won't* have a session 1 month today ;)"
23:58:15  StephanieD will also call it a day.
23:58:39  ClareS says (to roberto) "the 2nd section certainly should be available Monday"
23:58:53  SarahL says (to StephanieD"have) "you finished rumiging in the freezer"
23:58:59  RobertO says "bye stephanie"
23:59:01  StephanieD says "It's been a pleasure meeting you all."
23:59:11  PeterW says (to Clare) "Thanks alot! : great sigh of relief"
23:59:35  ClareS says (to roberto) "I will try to give at least one week's notice but most sessions will take place in the last week of each section of course material"
23:59:46  DavidM says (to ClareS) "Thank you for moderating the session"
23:59:54  ClareS says "ie the week before the new material is released"
00:00:15  PeterW says (to StephanieD) "Speak to you next time"
00:00:18  StephanieD says "Thank you all"
00:00:18  ClareS says (to davidm) "would you like to say anything before the Americans go to their dinners & we go to sleep"
00:00:52  StephanieD disconnects.
LarryT       Common       Telnet    1h 9m   4m 22s
RamananS     Common       HTTP    50m 53s   2m 12s
RobertO      Common       HTTP     1h 41m   1m 10s
IJT          Common       HTTP    58m 12s    1m 1s
DavidM       Common       HTTP    59m 58s    1m 6s
PeterW       Common       HTTP     58m 9s      37s
ClareS       Common       HTTP    57m 12s      12s
SarahL       Common       HTTP    26m 15s   1m 59s
00:01:00  RobertO says (to clare) "sounds good, what all can we do in the MUD, is it just for questions or will there be any tutorials"
00:02:09  ClareS says (to roberto) "mostly we will have tutorial sessions run as question & answer, sometimes we will have "guest tutors""
00:03:30  RobertO says (to dav) "I have a question abou the project. Is it assigned, picked from a pool or do we have leway on suggesting our own with your approval?"
00:04:28  ClareS says (to roberto) "the projects are picked from a pool but are open to some changes with our approval"
00:05:14  RobertO says (to clar) "I also have a question about the testing at the end. How do we do that and get approval for a center here to take the test?"
00:06:47  ClareS says (to roberto) "David can answer that question better than I can"
00:07:15  PeterW says (to ClareS) "are the previous course projects titles on the notice board or previous notes"
00:08:12  DavidM says (to RobertO) "You may wish to suggest a university near you and our Registry will arrange for the exam to be envigilated there"
00:08:24  ClareS says (to peterw) "I'm not sure what you mean exactly, sorry"
00:08:49  ClareS yawns...
00:09:59  IJT waves goodbye.
00:10:30  ClareS says "I must really go now too"
00:10:41  DavidM says (to RobertO) "Birkbeck Registry will contact UCSF and make arrangements"
00:10:44  RobertO says "Well all, my company has arrived and it is turkey hour so I must go. It has been a pleasure and thanks to all."
00:10:49  SarahL says (to clareS) "you must be very tired"
00:11:26  ClareS says "it's on the web under last year's course tree"
00:11:43  DavidM says "We will be asking all students who wish to take the exams to suggest exam centres"
00:11:55  ClareS says "we'll point you all in the correct direction later in the course"
00:12:10  PeterW says "to clareS sorry & Thanks"
00:12:41  ClareS says "I really *must* go now, it's been a pleasure talking to you all.. Happy Thanksgiving & "see" you again soon"
00:12:53  ClareS yawns again
00:13:08  DavidM waves goodbye
00:13:21  RobertO tummy growls for food!
00:13:36  PeterW waves goodbye
00:13:49  RobertO hand reaches for the disconnect..
00:14:12  ClareS disconnects.