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Re: Welcome to PPS 99/00 !!

Dear PPS Students,

Welcome to PPS99-00!

By now you should have received a message from the course organiser,
Professor David Moss, welcoming you to the course.  I am one of the course
tutors, and I also work on developing the material.  I am writing to you
now to tell you the dates and times of the first interactive tutorial
sessions of the course. 

More information on the Birkbeck MUD and how we will be using it can be
found at http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/tech/moo/index.html. You should
receive your user names and passwords for the MUD within the next few

We will be "meeting", electronically, in the MUD Common Room at the
following times: 

Tuesday 23 November at 16:00 GMT
Thursday 25 November at 23:00 GMT (principally for US or Pacific Rim based

Do try out the MUD before the meeting if you can. If your username and
password fail to work, please email Ian Tickle (i.tickle@bbk.ac.uk). If
you have any other problems with the MUD, email Dave Houldershaw, our
technical coordinator, and/or me and we will try to sort them out.

The aim of these first sessions is to introduce you to the MUD and to help
you communicate using it. They will be shared with students on Birkbeck's
other Internet courses, Protein Crystallography and Powder Diffraction.
MUD tutorials held later in the course will relate to particular sections 
of the course material.

These sessions are not compulsory - some of you are bound to have
technical problems or unavoidable schedule clashes. However, we would like
to encourage you to attend as many as you can!

Good luck!

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course Developer, Principles of Protein Structure