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No Subject

Hello all, 
My name is John and I am working in the BBSRC Centre for Structural
Biology here in Birkbeck in London. We characterise different proteins for
structural work in terms of crystallography and NMR using a wide range of
techniques ranging from basic molecular biology to protein chemistry. 
I am working full tine so the course should be ideal to fill in those long
Winter evenings!!!!!! NOT!  
At the moment London is freezing and what I would'nt give to be in
sunny California. 

All the best for now. 

John P Phelan
BBSRC Centre For Structural Biology,
Department of Crystallography,
Birkbeck College, 
Malet Street, 
Office: 0207 631 6807
Lab:	0207 631 6868
Fax:	0207 631 6803