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Next MUD sessions

Dear PPS People,

There will be two MUD sessions next week, at the following times:-

Thursday 9 December at 16:00 GMT
Friday 10 December at 23:00 GMT

The main purpose of these sessions will be to discuss the first two
secctions of the course material. However, this will also be another
opportunity for all students, particularly any who were not able to
access the MUD at the start of the course, to learn more about how it

Please could any students who are still having problems connecting to the
MUD please get in touch with me or with Ian Tickle directly.

The transcripts of last weeks sessions are also now available on the web,
http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/biomoo/t231199.html and

*Many* apologies to all US students for not looking at my diary properly,
and fixing a session on the fourth Thursday in November

Best wishes,

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protein Structure