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very very late! Sorry

Hello all,
Sorry about the late introduction. My name is Stephen Smith and I am a
post-doc in the Microbiology Department, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I
work on gene regulation in pathogenic Escherichia coli and sometimes
Shigella. Specifically I work on a site specific recombination event that
controls the regulation of expression of fimbriae (which are necessary for
virulence). This event is catalysed by two recombinases FimB and FimE. In
the past year I've put a lot of work into structure function studies on
these "DNA-binding enzymes" and some of it has just been published and some
now in submission. Presently, I'm looking at the effects of
transcription-induced supercoiling on the outcome of this recombination
event. Also I'm doing a bit of work on a possible transcriptional roadblock
in this system.

So I get a lot of exposure to protein methodologies but my undergraduate
protein chemistry is a decade out of date (how time flies!!). Hence PPS
should be a superb asset.

Dublin is absolutely freezing at the moment and I have to travel to the
north of Ireland tonight where seemingly its going to snow. But on the
bright side the Guinness is better up north!!
Nice to meet you all

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  G--------C    Gene Regulation Lab
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