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Apologies - (from perhaps the latest ?!?)

Hi everyone !
After a late registration I have been squeezing a catch-up during and after a particularly busy period at work. I am not in the field, as many of you are, and I am juggling working for a computer hardware manufacturer and being a gigging musician.
For some time I have wanted to get back in touch with my undergraduate studies and seek some academic stimulation and challenge - perhaps with a view to futher study.I hope that getting back to it won't be too much of a struggle !!!  Given a madly hectic schedule this flexible means of study seemed the only sane and realistic way of doing this !!
Looking forward to the course and getting to know you all better,
Pete Prada
P.S. I have had some trouble with my home E-mail (pete@sugarshack.fsnet.co.uk) but I think it is O.K. now. I have a work E-mail of pprada@meshplc.co.uk but it is probably better to use the former if it works !
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Tel: 0181 840 6720