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PPS Web Services

Dear PPS students

Please note that there will be no computer services at Birkbeck on
Wednesday 29 December. Computer services will also be 'at risk' from today
until 10 January.

I wish you all the season's greetings and look forward to working with you
in the new millenium.

Best wishes
Course Organiser

David S Moss				|	Tel: +44-20-7631-6802
Professor of Biomolecular Structure	|	Fax: +44-20-7631-6803
School of Crystallography		|	
Birkbeck College			|	Email:
Malet Street				|	Office: d.moss@bbk.ac.uk
London WC1E 7HX				|	Home: david@dmoss.demon.co.uk
UK					|