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Happy New Year (belatedly ;)

Dear PPS People.

Firstly, may I be probably one of the last (sorry!) to wish you all a very
happy New Year!

I am sorry that I need to start my first message to the list of 2000, with
an apology.  We expected to be able to mount the transcripts of the last
two MUD sessions before the end of term. The fact that this didn't happen
can be put down to two things: our archiving a lot of material in case of
Y2K problems (there werent any ;) and Dave Houldershaw going down with flu
over the holidays. All archives should now have been restored, and I hope
to be able to mount them very soon.

The next section of course material will be released on Monday 10 Jan, and
there will be two MUD sessions during the following week. If any of you
would *particularly* like to attend a tutorial on Protein Synthesis but
cant make particular days / times, please email me before I set the times
of these. 

I would also like to draw your attention to the following:-

* Our first self-assessment period will be starting on 24 January. More
details will follow nearer the time.  Before this begins you will be
assigned to one of three "tutor groups".

* During the week starting 7 February, all the teaching in the
Crystallography Department at Birkbeck will be assessed. We have been
asked to run a PPS MUD session during this period, at a set time: 
                 **Wed. 9 January, at 15:00 GMT**.  
(This was set for the convenience of the assessors, *not* for that of
Pacific Rim students -- sorry :( )  We would all appreciate it if as many
of you as possible could attend that session. (You will, of course, be 
reminded of this again much nearer the time!)

Best of luck with your studies this year, and best wishes,

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protein Structure