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MUD sessions (mostly ;)

Dear PPS People,

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Charaf Benarafa wrote:

> About the MUD session for TQA, Clare said it would be wed 9 january, but I
> suppose you meant wed 9 FEBRUARY...

Very sorry :(  Of course, I meant Wed. 9 Feb. (ClareS blushes.)  Please
check that this date is in your diaries... I *hope* no-one logged on on
Sunday afternoon, expecting a meetng..

There will be two MUD sessions next week, in which we will be discussing
sections 3 and 4 of the course material. These will be held on
		Wednesday 19 January at 16:00 GMT
		Thursday 20 January at 23:00 GMT
Please do let me know if you are consistently having difficulty making MUD
dates so that I can schedule an extra one.

I will also check out the problems you've mentioned with section 4 before
these sessions.

Best wishes,

Dr Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protein Structure