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Re: MUD next week (Important!)

Dear PPS People,

This is your final reminder!

The special MUD session that we have been asked to run for our Subject
Review will take place *to-morrow* (today, almost certainly, by the time
youn read this ;), Wed. 9 Feb., from 15:00-16:00GMT.

Please make an extra effort to be there (sorry to those of you who have
already sent your apologies...).

Most of this MUD session will run like any other: we will be discussing
Section 5 of the course, on Bioinformatics. Have your questions
ready! However, the session will be observed by at least one (possibly
2) of our assessors. He/they will probably be present as characters and
will want to ask you your opinion of this way of studying.

It would be helpful if one or two of you could be there a few minutes
early so that our assessor/s, who are not used to the MUD, can get to
grips with the way it works before the tutorial starts. Failing that, do
try to be on time...

Thanks for your cooperation, and hope to "see" you to-morrow,

Best wishes

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protien Structure