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MUD transcripts and self-assessment answers

Dear PPS People,

The transcripts of the two MUD sessions on bioinformatics, held on 9 and
22 February, are now available on the PPS web site for your perusal. (The
first of these, as you probably remember, was the "Subject Review MUD".)

Many apologies, again, to those of you who tried to attend the MUD
scheduled for 23 February. The reason for the network delays that made
interaction effectively impossible then was a problem with a University of
London router. There was nothing that we could do about this, but it
should *not* happen often...

The answers to the self-assessment questions on sections 1-4 are also
available now, at http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/course/self-assess/saqa2000.html

Best wishes,

Dr Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protein Structure