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PPS Projects -- work begins today!

Dear PPS People,

As you wll know if you have been following the timetable closely, the PPS
projects officially begin today.

If you have submitted a project title and have not heard anything more
from your tutor, you can assume that your choice of project has been

If you have not yet sent your title in, please do so today if at
all possible.  If you do now intend to take the project, or if you intend
to defer it until 2001, it would also be useful if you could let your
tutor know as soon as possible.

We will be contacting you all again later this month to check which of you
will be taking the exam and to start setting up exam centres.

Best of luck! -- enjoy what is left of the summer, and don't work too

Best wishes

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course Developer, Principles of Protein Structure