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List of Project Titles for PPS '99-'00

A Case Study in Structure Based Drug Design

Similarities and Differences between the CATH and SCOP Databases

Structures of Nuclear Receptor Proteins

Hidden Markov Models in Protein Bioinformatics

Modes of DNA Recognition by Proteins

Structural Differences between Mesophilic and Thermophilic Protein Subunits

Structures of DNA Repair Proteins

Structure and Function of Proteins that Bind Nucleotides

Evaluating Proteins Models: the CASP Series of Prediction Competitions

The Kinetics of Protein Folding

Protein-Oligosaccharide Interactions

The pI Distribution of Globular Proteins

The Structure of Proteins in Non-Polar Solvents

Common Protein Cofactors

Classification of Protein Structure in Genomes

Chirality in Protein Structure

Substrate Interactions of Lipases and Phospholipases

Enzyme-Membrane Interactions

The Rossman Fold

Disulphides in Protein Stability

The Greek Key

Why Glycine is Special

Beta Barrels

Buried Hydrogen-Bonds

The Protein Fold Recognition Problem

The Hydrophobic Effect

Beta Bulges

Why Random Coil is not Random

The Helix Macro-Dipole

Symmetry in Protein Association

The Beta-Propeller



The Amino Acid Aib (amino isobutyric acid)

Glycophorin - Structure and Function

Structure and Function of Non-Globin Haem-Binding Proteins

Please refer to the project guidelines before choosing your project.

Clare Sansom, June 2000