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RasMol Resources

We use RasMol extensively through-out the course and it is therefore very important that you install and know how to use the program.  It is also important that you have your browser configured correctly to run RasMol automatically, using chemical Mime.

A page on getting and installing RasMol can be found here. (A UK site for RasMol is here)

The latest RasMol documentation can be found here.

An excellent RasMol Homepage/ Resource by Eric Martz and C.F. Finlayson can be found here. This site contains a lot of information about getting, installing, and using RasMol. It is probably the best source of RasMol information available. This site also has an extensive section on CHIME, a browser based version of RasMol. Although at present we don't use chime we will in future be converting to it as our main molecule viewer.