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Welcome to PPS 99/00 !!

Dear PPS students

Welcome to the PPS course! I hope you will find this year good fun as well
as intellectually rewarding. I am the PPS Organiser who is responsible for
the course and I would like to introduce my colleagues who do most of the

The Course Team
Clare Sansom is our course developer as well as a tutor who will be
running most of our MUD sessions (see below).

Jim Pitts is a tutor and Dave Houldershaw is our technical co-ordinator.

Annie Chandler is our course administrator.

Ian Tickle looks after our MUD.

Our email names are of the form a.chandler, d.houldershaw etc so to
contact Clare you would do


Please do not hesitate to contact us individually on technical or
administrative queries.

Discussion list

For scientific queries please send them to our discussion list so that
everybody can see them (and even have a chance of answering them). The
address is 


Section 1

You should now study the section 1 material which we have released
today. You will find it at


You can get there by following the pointer to Course Material from the
99/00 Main Index. To see the course material, you need a password which
Dave will send you.


Clare will be emailing you about this. You can read about our MUD in the
Section 1 material.

That's all for now. I hope to meet you soon in the MUD!


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Department of Crystallography		|	
Birkbeck College			|	Email:
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London WC1E 7HX				|	Home: david@dmoss.demon.co.uk
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