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Re: PPS course

Hello, Robert, Sarah, Charaf ,John and all,

I am Lesley MacGregor, resident in Boulder , Colorado. Not as far from
California as the UK -  but an awfully long drive.  The Fall here has
been etraordinarily beautiful this year; all the colors as well as
brilliant warm sunny days. Students are still in shorts and T-shirts
most of the time.I have lived here for about three years after having
lived in Canada for several years and, before that, in England.

 My career has been has been primarily in teaching, mainly Physics. In
recent years, more and more chemistry teaching has come my way and I am
now a full-time chemistry teacher in a High School. It has been a very
stimulating, if exhausting, career shift.I have found myslf wanting to
strengthen my formal (quasi)chemistry background while doing something
that fits in with my background. I also wanted to be able to study at
home and not have  to be out in the evening or weekend, even though the
University of Colorado is only five minutes away. I took an OU course
some years ago and became a great fan of distance learning, so I was
delighted to find that Birbeck offered this PPS course. So here, I am,
more or less ready to go.

(Robert, I did get the Prof. Moss email.)

Hope to hear from all  the rest of you soon,
Lesley M.