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Re: Welcome to PPS 99/00 !!

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, clare sansom wrote:

> More information on the Birkbeck MUD and how we will be using it can be
> found at http://pps9900.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/tech/moo/index.html. You should
> receive your user names and passwords for the MUD within the next few
> days.

Dear PPS 99/00 student,

Your user-name & password for the MUD have been e-mailed to you; if you don't
receive them today, please let me know. 

Note that there is a discrepancy between the server hostname sent out with
the user-name/password info (shuna.cryst.bbk.ac.uk) and that given at the URL
that Clare gave you (mud.cryst.bbk.ac.uk).  However both will work and will
end up at the same place (the second is just an alias for the first).  It
would be preferable for you to use the alias (mud...) so that if ever we need
to use another machine for the server, you can continue to use the same

One student has asked whether the Java PerlMUD client, which you will find
described if you follow the "PerlMUD 2.1" link on the MUD home page
(http://mud.cryst.bbk.ac.uk:6006), can be used as a MUD client.  The answer,
for various technical reasons, is no, and you should stick to using the MUD
clients described on Clare's page.  Note that the "globe" icon on the
"PerlMUD 2.1" link warns you that you are going outside the course material,
and that you are therefore on your own! 

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

-- Ian

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