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MUD next week (Important!)

Dear PPS People,

This message is to remind you of something you should already have in your
diaries: the MUD session for Birkbeck's Subject Review (what,to UK
academics, was previously known as TQA).

Birkbeck's teaching will be assessed from Monday-Thursday next week (7-10
Feb.). Please ignore this as far as possible: the next section of the
course material (on Bioinformatics) will be released as planned on Monday. 

However, we have been asked to run a MUD session on:

             *** Wednesday 9 February at 15:00 GMT ***

I must apologise to those of you in the US for the early timing of this:
our timetable has been designed for the convenience of the assessors, not
for our students! We will hold one more (late evening) MUD on this section
during the following week. Details will be posted later.

For most of the time, this MUD will be a "normal" tutorial session. Please
make an extra effort to be there, and come prepared with questions about
the bioinformatics course material. However, our assessors may also take
the opportunity of asking you questions about the course and about
studying at a distance over the Internet.

We will post a reminder to the list early in the week.

Please, also, let us know as soon as possible if you experience any
difficulty connecting to Birkbecks site between now and next week.

One other thing:  could those of you who are intending to submit answers
to the self-assessment questions please send these to your tutor before
the end of *this* week? We will mount model answers on the self-assessment
page as soon as possible after that.

Best wishes,

Dr. Clare Sansom
Course developer, Principles of Protein Structure